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Hug-a-Child Program

Hug… to avail oneself, to take or receive gladly or eagerly, to encircle; surround; enclose. To include or contain, to hold close to your heart.

What is the Hug-a-Child Program?

Hug-a-Child is a program of Ebenezer Ministries that connects children in need with committed, caring, individuals in long term relationships. This is done through letter writing, prayer, sponsorship, and short term mission trips.

What are some ways I can help?

Join the Hug-a-Child Fan Club
Become enthusiastically devoted to a child. Cheer him/her on by writing letters to them and praying for them.

Nothing brings the benefits of “just” writing a letter into sharper focus than a visit to the child you write to. Travel with us on one of our teams and experience the impact you are having firsthand. Learn more about how to VISIT on our Missions Page.

Become a Sponsor
Starting at $25 a month you can play an integral part in the education of a child.

Partner with Hug-a-Child Program

Interested in partnering with a child in Zimbabwe? Contact us today for more information or to begin the process of being connected.

Shop and Support

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Donate Today

To financially support the Hug-A-Child program click here